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Caterpillar, Inc., Jay McGlasson, Project Manager, E-911
Learn how Caterpillar integrates ARCHIBUS’ facilities management software with its E-911 program. Following State requirements in Illinois that personnel need to be able to be located in large buildings or on campuses, Caterpillar integrated ARCHIBUS to achieve its goal and is now taking the program across the United States. After launching a pilot program of 20 million square feet, Caterpillar expanded the program to 76 million square feet with further expansions planned into 13 states.
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SAGAT SpA Turin Airport, Lorenzo Gusman, Maintenance & Technical Services Manager
How did Turin Airport create more efficient cost tracking? Using ARCHIBUS’ facilities management and space planning software. One of the benefits of ARCHIBUS as seen by Turin Airport is cost tracking with vendors so they know how much money is left on a contract. Coming next for Turin Airport is a complete integration with GIS systems and completed space management functions.
Turin Airport
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ARCHIBUS Facilitator: Melanie Gombos, Sarasota Country School District
“It provides a one stop shop for many processes. So many processes shared the same data set and it provides a more streamlined efficient process in many of our department…”
Sarasota Country School District
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ARCHIBUS User: Rena Owen, Chesapeake Energy
“ARCHIBUS helped us get organized. It saved us time by having everything in one database: all of our employees are housed in there, all our asset management, and property purchases.”
Chesapeake Energy
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ARCHIBUS User: Jeff Weides, Chesapeake Energy
“Our growth is exponential… The savings [from ARCHIBUS] is in manpower cost reduction – we haven’t had to hire additional staff we would have had to hire to maintain the number of properties and leases that we have.”
Chesapeake Energy
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ARCHIBUS Business Partner: Nicola Martinelli, eFM
“At present, we are working on a public sector project [with Italian government] whose aim is to reduce real estate and facilities management costs by over €1.5 billion in three years. Space planning is a crucial capability to achieving those results and ARCHIBUS will be a perfect companion to ensure feasibility and success.”
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University of North Carolina- Charlotte, Ray Dinello, Director of Facilities Information Systems – 2012
University of North Carolina – Charlotte has been using ARCHIBUS’ facilities management software for nearly a decade. While the implementation started small, the Facilities Department now uses ARCHIBUS applications for nearly every business process. ARCHIBUS is helping both strategically and operationally. One major ongoing project is optimizing the University’s condition assessment process using ARCHIBUS.
University of North Carolina - Charlotte
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