ARCHIBUS for Retailers

Retailing has never been easy, especially in an age of online sales, proliferating big box stores, rising energy costs, and unreliable consumer dollars. For any merchant who wants to exert pinpoint control over bricks and mortar facilities, ARCHIBUS offers a comprehensive software solution that increases margins and reduces risk. From streamlining space/portfolio/lease management, to improved work order processing/environmental sustainability/strategic master planning and more, ARCHIBUS is helping Polo Ralph Lauren, Tiffany, Carrefour, Wegman’s supermarkets and other emporiums thrive in an increasingly competitive marketplace.


  • Provides comprehensive reporting on space and its allocation for more profitable, cost- and energy-efficient operations
  • Streamlines the work order process to increase productivity and decrease maintenance costs
  • Improves operational effectiveness and minimizes unnecessary expenditures by optimizing the acquisition, use, and maintenance of physical assets and infrastructure
  • Provides a central repository for all information associated with property and buildings to improve budgeting and strategic decision-making

Fully Integrated, Rapidly Deployed Solution

  • Fully integrated, end-to-end suite of ARCHIBUS applications addresses all aspects of real estate, infrastructure, and facilities management
  • Commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) delivery enables deployment in 90 days or less and payback within 6 months
  • Over 10,000 reports available right “out-of-the-box”
  • Open system architecture enables easy data exchange with other ERP systems and data sources
  • Scalable, modular structure lets users assemble the combination of applications and deployment options that best fits their requirements and budget