The evolution of ARCHIBUS continues with Version 20, which delivers even more functionality to help achieve real estate, infrastructure, and facilities management goals in the areas of environmental sustainability & risk management, BIM integration, commissioning, space management, and more.

ARCHIBUS V.20 provides access to new applications within the Environmental & Risk Management domain that include:

  • Compliance Management, proactively manages complex compliance requirements to ensure safe work environments and reduce administrative burdens
  • Clean Building, for easily identifying, tracking, and abating hazardous materials in the built environment, such as asbestos, lead paint, radon, and mold
  • Waste Management, for providing closed-loop, auditable processes for tracking, managing, and reducing both hazardous and non-hazardous waste streams
  • Environmental Health & Safety, for tracking and managing workplace incidents, safety equipment/training, medical monitoring, and work restrictions to avoid regulatory fines and liability
  • Material Safety Data Sheets, for simplifying the storage and retrieval of information on hazardous substances intentionally stored and used within a facility

In addition, the new ARCHIBUS Commissioning application enables the seamless transfer, retention, and access of space information, equipment schedules, and COBie data automatically from a BIM “as-built” model to ensure that all systems operate as intended, throughout the lifecycle of a building. It can generate commission surveys and also allow review of advanced submissions for early-stage corrections.

Also featured in V.20 is the improved ARCHIBUS Smart Client Extension for Revit, which bi-directionally integrates facilities and infrastructure data with BIM models over the Web for comprehensive building lifecycle management and reporting.

Other enhancements can be found in the Space Planning & Management domain with the new Workspace Transaction functionality. This capability tracks space trends with new time-based features and statistics, and now also unifies hoteling, partial occupancy, multiple room occupancy, moves, and split-allocations to provide valuable metrics and accurate, defensible information for chargeback or strategic space planning.

The Enhanced Global Feature Set adds a comprehensive multi-currency functionality that captures international cost transactions. It enables you to operate in multiple local currencies, with the flexibility to adapt to local VAT requirements as well as localized units of area expressed in a local user’s units, the common project units, or both.

These new ARCHIBUS V.20 applications and features are now available in seven languages – English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, and Simplified Chinese, and with more to come.