John Kuxhausen, Database Administrator

We have a lot of auditable space through our government projects, and its use must be documented. Since the Space Management implementation, the company has vastly improved space information accuracy as well as employee location details. Meanwhile, the system’s open architecture allows us to easily personalize the product and create specific reports needed to analyze and share data.

ARCHIBUS has improved the Facilities department’s credibility with executive management
as well as with other departments and business units. Once we initially demonstrated success with the Space Management application, it was easier to sell our management on the other products such as Building Operations Management, which replaced another cumbersome manual system and allowed us to upgrade our preventive maintenance practices.

By putting all our equipment in ARCHIBUS for preventive maintenance, we have been able
to save 5% on our annual budget. Our growing portfolio of ARCHIBUS applications, moreover, has transformed us from a strictly brick-and-mortar focus to being a key strategic player in executive management decisions because of the information we can now access and analyze.

John Kuxhausen, Database AdministratorBall Aerospace & Technologies Corp.
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